About The Stroller Derby

I love babies. I flirt with them on the subway, I coo at them in the grocery store, and I wanted one of my own very badly. But when I got pregnant, I was surprised at how bad I felt—nauseous, fat, stretch marked like whoa and with awful acid reflux—and I struggled with the fact that I didn’t enjoy every single minute of being knocked up. I thought I would feel like a goddess; instead, I felt more like a manatee.

When my son NS was born in January 2016, I had a terrible birth experience. My biggest fears came true: I laboured for days, mostly in very bad pain; my labour stalled; I needed an emergency c-section. Even though I was so happy to meet my baby (and to not be pregnant any more!), I went through a grieving process for the natural birth I thought I’d get. And again, I felt bad because I felt bad.

The Stroller Derby is a blog about all the ups and downs of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. Things are great and things are tough; life is amazing and it’s also a grind. But we keep ticking along, NS keeps growing, and there continues to be lots and lots of stuff to write about.

About Me

I’m a freelance writer from Toronto, Ontario. I’ve been blogging since 2009 at Hipsters Are Boring, and I’ve written for Metro, Torontoist, Spacing, Dandyhorse, The Grid, Precedent, Huck, and more. Here’s a short list of things I love:

    • lilacs
    • cycling
    • reading The New Yorker
    • kombucha
    • banana-chocolate chip muffins
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • talking to my son in a Russian accent
    • taking baths
    • tee-shirts with feminist slogans
    • writing

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