The Tiniest Things: Nine Months

Because things change so fast. Things I want to remember about these days include:

// He loves Tupperware! I give him a big container filled with lids and smaller containers, and he can spend a good fifteen minutes tossing everything around, inspecting various rims and interiours, practicing his drinking, and banging things together. Five dollars worth of Tupperware has proven to be a much more valuable and variable toy that most of our fancy baby-specific toys.

// When he nurses, he will sometimes hang on to the neckline of my shirt, or, if I’m very lucky, my finger. When he does, I run my fingers over his chubby knuckles and feel the bones of his carpals under the skin, like bulbs below the surface of the earth.

// I can now wear him backpack-style in the carrier and we both enjoy that very much.

// Our morning walks are one of the highlights of my day. We go to the Little Free Libraries, inspect leaves, watch as the bus goes by, and check out the shimmer of the trees above. He comes home rosy-cheeked and then it’s time for morning naps (usually for both of us).

// I am deathly afraid of him choking, and so I’ve been a little reluctant to go whole-hog on the solid foods. He does seem to enjoy his purees, though, and is game for pretty much everything I whizz up in the blender: curried veggies, sausages, beans, bananas and yogurt, and any number of different pouches and store-bought foods.

// He is enormous. I don’t know how big he is, exactly, but I do know that his 6-18 month hats are starting to get snug, and his 12-month onesies are like little superhero suits (aka skin-tight).

// NS has, so far, declined to crawl, or sit himself up, or pull himself to standing. I blame it on him being a baby Sasquatch, and hefting all that weight around has to be challenging. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds like a good theory. Anyway, he gets around by rolling, which is fine by me.

// He has the coolest wardrobe of any of us, including teeny plaid flannel shirts, lots of leggings, and multiple eared hats. Also, the tiniest little Nike shoes I’ve ever seen.

// He claps! Often at nothing, or sometimes when we clap, or mostly when he’s just pumped and full of vinegar. It’s hilarious and warms my heart.

// His love affair with the ceiling fan continues. When we came back after a week at my parent’s place, my husband brought him into bed for a morning snuggle and nurse—NS dove for me, as usual, but halfway into his dive, he caught sight of the fan and lifted his arms up in a gesture that can only be described as “Hallelujah!” It was like he saw Kanye at a Beyonce concert.

// Right now, he wakes in the night and refuses to go back to sleep. Separation anxiety, or an incorrect bedtime (too early? too late?), or the temperature of his room being off, or I don’t even know. What’s saving us is our sleep training protocols, and the fact that usually, the hours between midnight and 5am are uninterrupted, although even that’s not sacrosanct. #prayforkaiko

// After maybe a month of not being super into breastfeeding, he returned whole-hog. I mean, he is still the most distracted baby on earth, and nursing is just an exercise in him popping off and on the nipple a dozen times, but he does seem to enjoy it, and I do too.

// His teeth! There are six now. They change his whole face from “baby” to “little boy,” and while I love watching him grow and change, it’s impossible not to be a little sad at him getting so…old.

// He’s kind of talking, in that he says “mama” and “dada” pretty consistently—both as canonical babbling and the occasional direct eye contact while saying the right word.

// Storytime is one of the best times in our house. He loves books, and I love getting him books (both from the library and new), and he’s super attentive: he looks at the pages, turns the pages, and even knows the rhythms of his most-read stories. (He will also straight-up eat a book if left to his own devices.)

// M can make him laugh like nobody else. I don’t know how he does it—maybe a combo of a hair-tickle in the face and a finger-tickle in the belly?—but NS just roars when he does it. It’s hilarious in its own right, and also kind of addictive.

// In the same vein as his Tupperware parties, he also loves the spatula and a tiny whisk I bought for him at the Bulk Barn. He is weird, it is charming.

// Sometimes he sleeps with his face resting on top of his hands and his little cheeks poof out and his long eyelashes cast shadows and it’s all too, too perfect.

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